Training "New Releases for You"?

The “New Releases for You” feature is probably the one I find most useful in the entire application. However, I continually find that I’m recommended a whole load of Classical when I barely listen to that genre at all.

For illustration…in my collection I have the following number of albums per genre:
Pop/Rock - 973 (listen frequently)
Electronic - 420 (listen most frequently)
Classical - 58 (hardly listen at all)

My current “New Releases for You” recommendations by genre:
Pop/Rock - 106 (makes sense)
Classical - 72 (err, why?)
Electronic - 54 (seems low, but maybe there are fewer electronic releases)

Is there any way to “train” the recommendation engine at all? It really is a fantastic feature, I just wish I wasn’t frequently ploughing through classical releases to get to the “good stuff” (imho). Thanks!


It’s a good point. My situation is quite similar. I’ve probably only played an hour’s worth of Classical in the past year (Hamilton and Zappa’s Yellow Shark count as classical). Valence doesn’t seem to need much incentive to invoke it’s wrath. One play of Celine Dion or ColdPlay and you are gonna get spammed for a while. Maybe it’s their version of “eat your peas”?
I don’t know of a definitive solution, but now you’ve got me interested. You might try going into NRFY, click the Classical selector, select all the albums and dismiss them. I’m going to try this for a while to see if Valence understands “Bad Dog!”.

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lol nicely put :slight_smile:. Has to be worth a try, though would be great to get some confirmation from the roon guys whether the recommendation engine is able to “get the message” when we do stuff like this.

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Sorry, but doing that all the time, over and avoer and over and over and …;

Valence is following other courses I think, not studying this one.



Nuts. Thank you Dirk!

Not from my experience, it’s a truly wasted feature that actually does nothing for me. The odd time it does add something of note I would be interested in already listened to it, it’s slow to update to the weeks latest releases to and I have generally added what I like already so those would not show up.

True. I find the best Roon music-finding feature to be Sean (@dabassgoesboomboom) and the major contributors to his music thread. Music I want is normally there before I can get it from Qobuz/Roon and nothing escapes their notice. Two of my most played artists this past year were courtesy of @andybob. Great community!
OTOH, there are other goodies that come through NRFY. But it seems a treat rather than something I can really count on.


Ya can’t just tease us with this @grossmsj. Sharing is caring :grin:

St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Durand Jones & The Indications! :slightly_smiling_face:
The drummer of Durand Jones (Aaron Frazer) is having a bit of a moment now with his recent releases, and his recommendation was from @Dylan.

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I had totally overlooked the ability to dismiss from this list. This changes the usefulness of this feature for me considerably. Thanks!!

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