Training Valence

I listen a mixture of classical and rock in roughly equal proportions. The transition to Roon Radio for rock is normally fine , same genre same era eg 70’s west coast rock etc

Classical is another thing , while I was doing stuff around the house I had an album of Haydn piano pieces , really quiet and soothing it ran out and I was hit by full blown symphony orchestra

How do I train it to keep to the same genre eg keyboard, same period, Haydn , same tempo

It’s a common issue almost as all classical is classical !!!

I have the same experience. The strange thing is that with “Recommended for You” (only if you have a streaming service) roon gets the Classical mood much better than with radio. It’s as if roon is using a different algorithm for radio vs. recommended for you.

Any explanations I have read say that Valence learns from the collective roon user base, not your individual listening habits which will have very little impact so I am not sure you can train Valence on an individual basis. I have given up with Classical and radio for the reasons you say and just use shuffle and playlists over which I have some control. It would be nice to be able to set roon to play/not play depending on genre rather than a simple binary switch play/not play. Depending on genre you can get quite good results, just not for Classical I find, as there doesn’t seem to be any understanding of style, period, instrumentation, mood etc.

As a start, I’d like to see “classical” broken down by period. Maybe then distinctions for chamber, orchestral, choral, opera etc.