Transfer 1.5 TB from nas to internal Nucleus storage with SMB

I ‘bit the bullet’ and bought a 2tb ssd and have installed it in my Nucleus.

I’ve tried to find this but no luck – can I rsync or ftp or whatever directly from my nas to my Nucleus to move the files over directly? Using my Macbook and OS X finder to move the files – it’s going to take about 3 days :slight_smile:

On your Mac, in the finder, command K to “connect to server”. In the box, enter the IP address of your nucleus… connect as “Guest”… it should open. Navigate to Data > Storage > InternalStorage and drag-drop all your files in there. I’d do it a few at a time, or create genre folders and transfer one at a time… your call.

Or, to use rsync, when the Nucleus volume is SMB attached, open a terminal window and type "rsync -av " then drag-drop in the source volume/folder, hit space, and drag-drop in the Nucleus shared volume. Hit return, and watch! It’ll look something like the following, I add the --exclude option to not copy hidden files, but that’s entirely optional:

rsync -av --exclude=".*" /Volumes/MusicX /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/

The first option is what I’m doing, but with the Mac doing the transfer like I said it’s a loooooong time to get 1.5 tb over!

What I want to do is use rsync or something similar on the nas itself and leave my Macbook out of it :slight_smile:

You can’t get at the Nucleus CLI, perhaps you can run rync from the NAS, I don’t know.

I did try to rsync from the nas but using Guest and Guest as login and pw, it would not connect.

Nope, it’s SMB1, “connect as Guest” means there’s no username password… not the username password is Guest. Perhaps your NAS allows you to enable that?

Tried to connect via SMB using my QNAP nas – wouldn’t mount like this: Maybe the “specific folder” syntax is wrong?

In the URL box, just put the IP address of your Nucleus, eg: smb://<ip_address>
Anonymous login should be correct. Not sure about the “mount specific folder” option, that may need to be checked, or left blank. Once the share is mounted, you can navigate to the InternalStorage folder.

I found that if my NAS, core device and the laptop were all hard wired into the same gigabit switch, things sped up nicely. As in two hours instead of two days!

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This is what works – needed to just use the internal IP address, and not a smb:\ address. It’s mounted to my nas and now file transfer will go a LOT faster!

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Hello @Bart001, thanks for the question! Looks like you got some help already, please let me know if you have any further questions.

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