Transfer music library from Windows 11 PC to Nucleus one internal storage

I have a new Nucleus.One.
I am using external storage at the moment but just installed and formatted a 1 TB SSD internal storage drive, which I wish to use as my music library.

I have my music library also on a Windows 11 PC on the same network. It is 300 GB large.

How do I transfer my music library one folder called with subfolders having all my music to the internal storage on the N.O.

Network share on my windows device does not show the N.O.
I have tried several names on this using file explorer.

I can access the NO admin page and use Roon client from that computer.
My Verizon Fios server sees the NO in server admin page.
Windows 11 pro latest updates.

Note that you have to first format the internal storage from the web interface before you move the tracks, but otherwise it should be very similar. The important thing is to ensure that Roon only sees one copy of the files at any particular time.

My problem is that my windows pc does not see the nucleus one in the network so there is no place to copy to.

It can logon to the web page. I did that to format the internal drive.


In the address field of Windows File Explorer, try typing \\nucleusone\ and press Enter.

Windows has a habit of not finding (or forgetting) non-Windows devices on your network… Happens to me all the time with my ROCK/NUC system, so I’ve added its Data folder as a mapped Network Drive.

This does not seem to work-but I do not see data in my files explorer
I have windows 11 pro

Please show a screenshot of what you are seeing in your Windows File Explorer.

For example, when I type \\rock\ into Windows File Explorer and press enter - this is what I see:

does not seem to work. I tried different names as well.
I can easily get to the admin page.
perhaps nucleus one OS version one has an issue with this.

i do not know what names to use here.
Perhaps roon support will help.

This one:

Please post a screenshot of what you are seeing

Probably not before Monday at the earliest:

Thanks I will wait until Monday. The nucleus one is seen by my server with no issues and I can go to the server admin page with no issues.
Windows files does not see the NO while it does see all of my other devices.

I think that you’re being blocked from accessing your NO by Windows itself. Microsoft has tightened security recently and some Windows 11 installations seem to have this turned on (and others not).

See here for a long explanation from Microsoft. To open up access, you’re going to have to use the Windows Group Policy Editor…

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Turning on smb has let me see the nucleus one. I have disabled my external music ssd and enabled the internal drive and am now copying my library to nucleus one date folder.


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