Transfer of Core from Mac Book Pro to LUMIN D2

I just bought a Audiophile Music Server LUMIN D2 which have ROON Ready. I am expecting my redeem code from LUMIN.

Can you tell me what will be needed to make the transfert in a safe way in order to preserve my Roon data.

On the other hand My data are on MD MYCLOUD device. I am exploring the ways to upgrade To a NAS. The two main options are QNAP and SYNOLOGY.

Cold you let me know where I could find the pertinent information to evaluate what would be my best choice or maybe your experts already have formulate an advice about this matter

Actually, my WD MYCLOUD has 3TB storage capacity and ùoùnly 1 TB is used. The back up is on a external storage but I wold l’aile to have a more efficient solution, it is why I wold like to move to a NAS with the back-up facility.

I take the opportunity to wish your team an Happy and successful New Year.

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I don’t think you have the D2 capabilities quite correct…it can run as a roon ready endpoint but not as a core, your core would still be on a computer. In your case your existing MBP.

As for the NAS you could run the core on a suitably spec’d NAS but it would depend very much on the DSP features you might want to use. Failing that just use the NAS for storing your music or if you want a stand alone core look at going for a NUC and ROCK core with external usb drives for your music.

Thank you I will wait until I get the redeem code and connect the D2 to Roon.

Thank you.


Unless you are running a trial of roon core already the redeem code won’t be much use I suspect. Endpoints don’t require codes to be part of a Roon deployment. You just need to connect them to the network or via usb to the core machine and add them in the settings x audio setup area.

The redeem code is most likely a trial code that extends the normal 2 weeks to maybe 1 or more months.

Thank you. I am a subscriber to Roon services since a year and I just renew for as permanent subscriber.

I succeed. My LUMIN D2 has been recognized by Roon.

About the Core would I improve my set-up if it is installed on an appropriate NAS instead of on my MBP?

The next step is to make sure that my set-up is the best to hear MQA files since my Marantz Headphones Amp and my DAC do not decode MQA files.

I succeed with the LUMIN App, I will explore with Roon active.

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Hi again,

On the Audio Set-up windows there is a red message indicating that the LUMIN D2 was not certified by Noon Labs and could not be working properly.

The IP address is

The windows show that my iPad is detected but I cannot configure Room OS or have access to the library through my IPad.

My LUMIND 2 IP dress is

Here is the path of the signal : LOSS LESS

The light is purple


FLAC Source
Tidal Flack 48 H2 24 Bit 2 ch, MQA 96 Hz

LUMIN D2 : Roon Advanced Audio Transport

Exit : Analog

Could you figure out what is missing in my settings?

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Hi again,

Just to let you know that I succeed to link my iPad to Room and control the operations.

The sound is very good.

Despite the fact that in the Set up windows under Roof Ready area there is still the message in red Non certifié Roon (not certified Roon)

But as it is sounding well I get there is nothing else to do than “Let it go” as would sing Eric Clapton.

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Turn off any firewall and see if that helps. Failing that @support might have some suggestions

Please do not be concerned about the Non Certified alert - this is caused by Lumin D2 being a new model. Lumin D2 is a replacement model of D1, which is Roon Ready. It takes time for us to work with Roon Labs to get D2 to be recognized by Roon as a certified model. Other than this alert (which may be considered a false alarm), D2 is fully supported by Roon just as the rest of the Lumin product line is.

As for adopting a new Core - unless you’re dissatisfied with your current Roon Core on MBP in some way, or it does not have enough processing power for the Roon DSP function you need, you can keep using it.

Thank you for the information.

About the core on my on MBP, it works well. I was wondering if installing on a NAS would prevent me to use my computer.

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Moving the Roon Core from MBP to NAS will free up some CPU resources from your MBP if that’s what you want.

A NAS from QNAP or Synology with x86 CPU and 4GB-8GB RAM can be considered, but the less expensive models (e.g. TS-253B or TS-453Bmini) usually have low performance CPU, they are often not considered to be ideal for Roon usage with DSP. In the context of Lumin, if you want to try the native Lumin app control instead of Roon, you can install the freeware MinimServer on the NAS.

Choices with more powerful CPU include the upcoming Roon Nucleus, SonicTransporter, or NUC7i5BNH (may use with a fanless case or SBooster LPS).

Gaetan, I used Carbon Copy Clone (Mac) to move my music files. Going forward, I strongly concur with your decision to move away from WD MyCloud for your storage. I experienced meaningful performance issues (shutdowns) that seemed to crop up whenever the number of processes got too high. Memory shortcomings I think.

If you are happy with dedicating or sharing your MBP with Roon, go for it. My MacMini worked okay, but it only had spinning disks, so it was a bit pokey when the library started expanding.

But if you can’t do without other uses of your MBP, consider a dedicated NUC ROCK. Best wishes.

Thank you John for the informations.

I wish you an Happy New Year


Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

After severals explorations, I consider to by the following device : QNAP TS-251A-4G Diskless Dual-core NAS with 6TB of storage on hard disk in RAID set up. To back-up, I will use a external storage device to keep the cost as low as possible.

I followed your suggestion to use the LUMIN APP and I will install the MInimServer on the NAS.

Tank you again and I wish you an Happy New Year 2018 with as much as expected of free leisure time of quality.

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