Transfer playlist created Roon/Tidal to Tidal

Seems to work now. At least with in between. See here.

Unfortunately you may then run into another serious problem. The Export To Excel option will only include tracks in your playlist that were added to the Roon library before being added to the list. There is currently no way to bulk promote them in place after the fact, it has to be done manually (e.g. add the track to the library, then add that version of it to the same list and remove the old version). This should be easy to script internally but is not a priority for the team. If that was out of the way then yes Soundiiz would be perfect for syncing.


Yes, this is a key problem. Most Playlist songs for me are NOT added to Roon Library.

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Syncing a playlist between Roon and Tidal, or being able to add songs directly to the Tidal playlists would be a major upgrade in usability.

I for instance have a “Home” playlist and would love to just select it straight from the tidal app at home.
Without using Roon. So keeping this playlist updated from within Roon would be very helpful.
As I’m using Roon most of the time at work and there selecting and organising most of the music.

So a big plus for this request!


how do you make a tidal playlist as a favorite

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When I try to export a 2700 song playlist, roon only exports 92 songs. For such an expensive app, roon has a ton of problems.


Any movement on this? I am using roon all the time at home and not being able to export a playlist to tidal for travel is a major flaw. Also I don’t see how this can be difficult to implement.


No movement
I guess we will have to assume that it cannot be done

I dont think we can make that assumption at all. They may be working on it right now or they may never work on it, but it is not infeasible.

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+1 vote for the request to be able to sync back to Tidal.

Soundiiz import & sync would require yet another subscription, syncing from file seems to be a premium feature.


I already have Soundiiz, so I’m ready Roon. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any updates on this? This is really breaking my day-to-day workflow for discovering music and listening on the go because I have to manually add the tracks/albums directly to Tidal playlists for listening later instead of simply doing this from Roon.

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I’m ON too.

This is a very desirable feature.

I do understand that given the fact that we can have a playlist in ROON that includes tracks from TIDAL, from QOBUZ and from our own Library it should have some limitations.

But it should have some way to be done.

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True! A year later this is still the case. Even if you make a local copy of a Tidal playlist, even if the tracks in it are in your Roon Library… the tracks in your local copy of the (Tidal) playlist, are not the library versions. And it takes an almost impossible hassle to replace the non-library versions with library versions. See: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc

I thought that creating playlists in a 3rd party app directly to Tidal was an API/software limitation, but I was surprised to see I can do this with the native mControl app for my DAC/streamer. Find a song then add to a Tidal playlist (not local). Super simple, it is refreshing to see it can actually be done.

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Disappointed in Roon’s playlist capabilities. 2 way syncing is absolutely necessary, otherwise you will need to have 2 copies of playlists since Roon does not work if you’re not at home. I guess Roon is ok if you never leave the house, but most people like to go on trips, listen to music in the car, etc. I’m not saying Roon needs to work remotely, but 2 way playlist sync is necessary to make up for this shortcoming. I see that Qobuz and Tidal API has the capability so I don’t get why Roon devs aren’t implementing. Is it a matter of cost?


Yes this is one of the worse featureless flaws of Roon. It’s ridiculous to have to maintain two different sets of playlists.

+1 for possibility to export roon playlists to Tidal playlists.
My workflow typically consists of discovering songs in Roon via the Tidal integration, then adding them to Roon playlists. Roon would be 10x more useful if I could listen to those same playlists on the go.

You can now export to Soundizz format and use it to load into Tidal. Not automated but may suite your needs for periodic exports.

Well, I prefer transferring the playlist with the help of MusConv Tool, and it allows me to transfer my playlist from Tidal to more than 50 platforms.