Transfer queue from zone that is no longer functioning to a zone that is functioning

I’ve seen the documentation on how to transfer your queue from one functional zone to another, but is it possible to transfer a queue from a zone that is no longer functional to a zone that is functioning?


Not that I’m aware off, iirc this has been discussed before if I find the topic I’ll share a link to it.

Thanks for the reply, Carl. I suspected as much but thought I would ask just in case the capability did exist and I just couldn’t figure it out or I wasn’t searching for it properly.

I am also very interested in this function.
Sometimes, I listen on a dac that has automatic power off, and would like to continue later in another room. Right now, if the dac is switched off, I have to switch it on again before I can transfer the queue (or I have to think about it before the auto power off kicks in). This is a (albeit small) nuisance.