Transfer Roon Database from SSD Hard Drive to Nucleus One (ref#ELQJ9S)

I have been running Roon on a dedicated fanless machine for a number of years now. However, the motherboard in that machine has failed and I am no longer able to boot it up. I have taken out the SSD hard drive which has no issues. My question is this:

I have just ordered a Nucleus One.

Is there a simple way to transfer my Roon database and settings from the old Roon drive to the Nucleus?

Thank you for the link to the migration guide.

However, the first step in the process of migration is to backup the Roon database. Unfortunately I am not in a position to do that since the machine Roon was running on will not boot. However, I do have access to the hard drive that all the Roon data was on. I currently have it mounted on another machine and I can browse the directory structure.

My plans have changed because I realized that the Nucleus One will not fit my needs due to the 100,000 track limitation so I’ve cancelled the order and purchased a NUC. Is there a way to copy certain files over from the Roon drive to the new NUC to keep my database without doing a formal backup (which I can’t perform). Thanks!

I don’t want to rub it in, but you always should have a current backup precisely to avoid this. Don’t wait until you need it.

If you plan to use ROCK on the NUC, there’s a dedicated migration guide, too.

And a generic one

But they all assume you have a backup. I don’t know if there’s a way to copy folders. I doubt if it works, but you can always try. If your old and your new machine use the same operating system, I’d guess you have a better chance.

If the surviving SSD is a bootable OS drive, you temporarily install it in another machine, boot the OS, launch Roon Server, and create the backup that you should have had all along.


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Can’t you just put the OS drive in the new NUC and boot it up?

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