Transfer Roon from iMac to Synology DS218+


I just recently dowloaded Roon to my older I Mac. I just got a Synology NAS DS218+ and 256 GB USB SSD drive.

How do I transfer the Roon core to the NAS drive? I am still under the 14 day trial and have not moved any of my files yet. I have just been listening through Tidal so would it be best to just start over or do I have to transfer from the iMac.

Any help would be appreciated not to computer savy. So warning this could be challenging.


That NAS is a bit under spec to run a server. Review the basic specs:

3 main basics

  1. Database should be on an sed
  2. Minimum 4 to 8 gb memory
  3. Intel core i3 or better cpu

I did add additional memory so it has 6gb of memory. I also purchased SSD 256 mb Drive so I was thinking it would be ok to run Roon and put Core/Server on USB SSD drive plugged into the NAS.

It looks like others are using the DS218+

Will it not work on this NAS?

If you have the extra memory and an ssd to hold the database, give it a try. Those are the two big requirements.

Ok. Do you know do I need to transfer off the iMac or just download new install to the NAS drive?

The general steps are:

  1. Make a backup of your Roon Installation (Settings>Backup)
  2. Install the new version of Roon on new core
  3. Restore Roon to the new core from the backup.
    This basically copies your current setup, just the way you like it now. If you haven’t done many mods, it may not matter.

Note also: You will need to select the new Core on the NAS. Don’t be confused to run the core on your iMac. You will also need to deactivate the core on the iMac in order to run the core on the NAS. Since the NAS is under spec, it could be pokey or have other problems, especially as you start up the new core.

Finally, this backup only backs up your Roon installation, not any of your music.

Based on the fact that the Mac is likely under spec too it might be a wash.

I have Roon Core installed on DS718+ and it works without issues. I think you should be ok with DS218+ unless you have enormous database of songs/albums.