Transfer Roon from PC to Tablet (ref#U2V54L)

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If I already have Roon on a PC and want it on another tablet only, do I uninstall on PC then reload on tablet?

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Roon Server Specifications

Leveno Windows 10 model 20266 64 bit Intel i5-4200 CPU 4GB internal memory total virtual 8GB AC1300nano USB adapter

Connected Audio Devices

Lyngdorf mp40 via SPDIF

Home Network Details

Roon now Ethernet might go wireless Linksys sis mx2000

You always need the Roon server on an Intel/Mac-silicon platform, with Roon OS on Nucleus or NUC, Windows, Linux or MacOS.

You’re not specifying your tablet model, platform and OS, but if it’s anything other than above you just install the respective Roon app to use as remote and connect to your Lenovo server.

And you should leave the Lenovo wired to not overtax network capabilities.

You can run Roon Remote on multiple devices, but Roon Server can only be active on a single PC.

To install Roon Remote on a tablet, use the app store to install the software. On first run, it will identify the server, and connect you to your music collection.

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