Transfer Roon Rock drive to new Intel NUC

I have a Roon Rock install on an older Dell PC. It worked like a charm! I am using a 4TB SSD for my internal SSD with music files on it.

I want to buy a new NUC and use that now. Can I just swap the internal music library SSD over to the new hardware?

Or do I need to reinstall from scratch with a new SSD and then transfer the music files over?

You should be able to pop it in and then restore a database backup, that you took before the swap over.

I think ROCK usually insists you reformat the internal drive when you first install it.

A Samsung SSD 860 (for music files only) moving from one NUC to another worked for me with no issues. No need to install and reformat, just insert and everything was fine.

Make sure you have a backup of your music!

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You cam move it over, I have done it a few dosens of times.

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