Transfer Zone be additive not destructive

Currently, when you Transfer Zone, the original Zone’s Queue (including previously played tracks) overwrites the target zone’s Queue.

I would prefer that the Zone Transfer be a copy of only the Upcoming Tracks from the original zone which are then appended to the Target Zone’s Queue. And the “up next” is automatically set to what was transferred. Anything that was left unplayed in the target’s zone upcoming Queue would be marked as skipped.

Why? Because the queue has become for me a Zone by Zone history because while history tells the story of everything that has played it does not break it down by zone. And, I want to know that information.

Out of interest, why by zone?

Actually, and I think I mentioned it before about data tracking by zone, but, I tend to normally listen to different types of music by each zone. For example, mainly ambient or baroque classical in the bedroom. If I liked what I played the previous night, I can quickly move the queue back and replay.

However, if someone else decides to play 80s pop while making the bed, for example, transferring over the Kitchen zone, which usually is only playing 80s pop lists, then my entire zone’s queue (upcoming and already played) becomes a duplicate of the kitchen zone. Given that history is weaving tracks plays from all zones together, there is no quick and easy way to get back to “What I played last night”.

It could also be solved by adding “Played To zone” in History and then allowing sorting on that.

We do have
So I see what you mean.

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Yeppers! :smiley: