Transfer Zone does not clear previous' zone's queue

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Version 1.7 (build 511) stable (64bit)

Description Of Issue

Dear Roon,

Whenever I use the Transfer Zone function, the zone is actually being copied instead of transferred. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the previous zone’s queue would be cleared when a zone is being transferred? A lot of times, I feel the need to go back to the previous zone and clear the queue manually, then go back to the zone I’m listening to.

Hope you understand and agree with the use cases I mentioned and proposed and update the process. If not, I’d love to hear Roon’s point of view on this specific matter. Thank you in advance for all your support.

Kind regards,


I’ve moved this to a feature request as you are asking for behaviours to change.

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Why do you want to clear it?

Hi @danny,

Thank you for the quick reply.

There have been multiple reasons why I wanted to clear it. All at least (slightly) annoying. If I’m gonna start a new listening session on a previously used zone, I prefer to start with a clear queue.

I think a reasonable counter-question would be: Why wouldn’t you clear the previously used zone? It’s a paused state of the zone from the moment it was transferred, so it’s not even current or relevant anymore the moment you go back to that zone (since you probably continued listening on the other zone).

Hope this helps you understand my train of thought and that Roon agrees. If not, I’d love to hear Roon’s (product owner’s) opinion about this. But then, if this is the preferred workflow, wouldn’t it be better to call it “Copy Zone” (since then you’ve decided to add that feature instead of Transferring)?

Because, I can clear it manually if I wanted to. And I might want to have the same music playing to the two zones without grouping them, if indeed, they could be grouped.

Actually, you request reminded me of a request I’d been meaning to make. Thanks! :smiley:

@Rugby Yeah, but that’s why you have the ability to Group Zones. I don’t think transferring zones has a lot to do with that other feature.

Group zones don’t work across platforms. My Squeezeboxes cannot group with my RAAT zones, for example. Nor can they group with my Chromecast Zones.

That still seems like an issue for the Group Zones feature, not the Transfer Zone feature. I think it’s important to keep in mind what each features’ purpose was before trying to fix a somewhat unrelated issue. That’s when things can become cluttered and complicated… But that’s my opinion. Like I mentioned, I’m curious to hear Roon’s opinion on this (from a product owner or someone similar within the company maybe?).

Then call it what it is - ‘Copy Zone’.:wink:

Too late for that now, I guess.

If I’m listening at my desk, and have queued up a bunch of tracks, then head off to bed and want to carry on listening, I’ll transfer the zone. If not, I’ll just start afresh. Personally I can’t think of any other reason to transfer the zone than to continue listening to the current queue. I suspect I must be missing something here. Puzzled.

Sorry, I think i mis-stated my question… let me try again:

Why would you ever want to clear the queue at all, ever? If you just hit “play now”, all the stuff in the future of your queue goes to the past.

Well, because the information presented isn’t really relevant to the situation anymore. I understand that this feature request may come over as unnecessary from a technical point of view (speaking as an experienced software engineer and scrum master), but I believe that the point of an interface is to present the relevant information that the user would want to interact with within the current session. And since you already have the History tab (which is a great feature for viewing the songs you’ve listened to in the past) and the Group Zones feature, I don’t see any reason to keep that info there when you’ve transferred the zone. It’s just misleading in my opinion.

I hope you understand my point of view now.

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