Transfer-Zone Icon Screen Position [1.4]

It still makes sense to have a Zone Transfer icon in the Zone Picker screen, for all the reasons described here. Have one in the Volume Control by all means, but the Zone Picker needs one too.


Totally agree.

Completely agree. A bizarre decision to move it, esp after the long wait for it to end up somewhere sensible.

Same for the zone setup controls… why in with the volume control? (Other than maybe volume limits)

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Push and hold on the zone icon will bring up a menu where you can quickly change the zone

I like this interaction but yeah there should be an tranfer zone icon in the new zone picker screen as well…there’s plenty of room


OR Right click with a PC on the Icon. I don’t think it gets any easier/quicker than that. What I miss is the removal of the link to get to Audio Settings quickly.

In my opinion it makes a whole lot of sense to gather the zone controls in the zone menu. “Transfer zone” and “zone settings” are choices related to where it sounds (zones) and not how it sounds (volume and DSP).