Transfer Zone is not a great name?

Don’t you think that “Transfer Music” would be better that “Transfer zone”?


Not personally, as you are transferring to another zone. But I think this does bring up an interesting question. You are only really transferring the music, not the DSP or any of the other device specific settings. So maybe this should get a different label.

You’re not even transferring.

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Hard to find the right name. If I “transfer zone” the Roon Radio list changes. Hardly matters. If I were in charge it would be “transfer music” because that is approximately right. “Transfer Zone” is certainly not right but I live in a country where I do not yet speak the language fluently (ever the optimist) so am not going to grumble a lot.

The roon radio being lost really irritates me. It starts over which is disappointing, hopefully they address that.

I am sorry Brandon that it irritates you. I can detect no pattern in Roon Radio so “random selection A” is no better or worse than “random selection B”

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