Transfer zone should retain Roon Radio settings of target zone and not inheriting those from the zone being transferred

So if you have Roon Radio disabled on a Zone, this setting should be retained & preserved, and not overridden when a zone is transferred to it, where Roon Radio is enabled.
This can cause an unexpected change in Roon Radio settings on the target zone, when it inherits setting from a zone being transferred to it.
This behaviour is most apparent when Internet Radio are being transferred from zone to zone, where the Roon Radio setting is not visible on the zone being transferred.

On the other hand it doesn’t make sense to not transfer the current zones Roon Radio setting, especially when the current zone is playing Roon Radio, as the playback would just stop by the end of the currently playing song.

So maybe this is just when contents not affected/selected by Roon Radio is being transferred, i.e. Internet Radio stations