Transfer Zones in 1.6

I’m having trouble locating the Transfer Zones button in 1.6. Is it gone or just hiding somewhere that will seem obvious once pointed out?

It’s in the zone controls:

So, hopefully the latter? :slight_smile:


Good stuff. I was looking at the different zones, but didn’t look under volume control because volume is fixed on my endpoint. It’s a rarely clicked button. All good now. Thanks @mike

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As before, you can also right click on the endpoint icon.

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Would you look at that. Thanks @xxx, I hadn’t noticed that before.


IMHO zone transfer behind the volume control is fully unlogical. I’d expect zone transfer behind the zone button or with an own transfer button…


Totally agree on that…

It is behind the zone button, if you right click/long-press, together with a few other zone functions.

But I dislike right-click because it’s not discoverable.

Yes it’s been on a journey over the past year or so - from an illogical place to a logical one, and then back to an illogical place again. By my logic anyway. But that was prior to 1.6

Speaking of zones, it really does not make sense that my Zone icon permanently changes to an Audeze headphone icon when I enable the Audeze DSP setting. When I switch to a different DSP setting (I have a lot of headphones), I still see the Audeze icon.

I can see the logic of moving it into the Zones menu (in my mind its not in Zones right now, it’s in Volume). If it was appearing beside each zone, you could then see what is playing within the zone, and then quickly shift the music to another zone.

Yes, this would be nice.

Whilst illogical, this is a great help to those of us without Audeze headphones who run a headphone and speaker setup off the same endpoint - it enables one to see at a glance which DSP presets are being used.

It made it there briefly but for some unfathomable reason it then got shifted to the volume control.

I’m not sure how it would help with that, given that it changes the icon to the Audeze one and NEVER changes it back for that zone. Or, does it change for you?

I would raise that in support, sounds like a bug.

I did when the feature was first introduced.

So, I have 2 presets, let’s call them speakers and headphones. The latter has the disabled Audeze filter (I don’t have Audeze headphones) and the zone thus shows the headphones icon when the preset is used. The other preset does not contain the filter at all and thus the zone shows as normal.

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I could not agree more. Please change!