Transfering previous playlist to ROCK internal storage

Hi, wondering if I can get some help. I had transferred my music library to my ROCK internal 2T HD (my previous library were located on 2 external hard drives). After reloading my previous backup file, I was able to get my playlists to show up. However all songs in my playlists were showing “unavailable”. They are in my library if I do a search but probably the path was not recognized in playlist. I followed one of Roon post/instructions and rescanned. It helped to make some of the songs on the playlist be available but most still remains unavailable. Is there any work around? Thx

Hi Richard,

It sounds like you’ve done everything right and can’t think of anything more you can do so I’m tagging @support to follow up on this for you.

They will most likely ask for some Roon logs and details of the old Roon system as well.

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Thank you very much, @Carl.

Most likely, this indicates that something went wrong in the migration of your storage configuration to ROCK.

Can you explain the exact steps you took to get your database migrated over, and to get the hard drive connected? The correct steps are listed here.


Thanks for the input, @mike. I don’t remember exactly as I did the transfer awhile ago but I believe that instruction was what I’d followed. However, I might had done it incorrectly and will try a new copying process again when I get home tonight.

Just to be clear on instruction Step #2, it stated “In the Storage tab of Settings, click next to the folder you’re moving and choose Disable”. So if my goal is to move files from my external hard drive into my ROCK’s internal HDD/music folder, which drive should I disable and when should I do that during the process?

The easiest way is to remove all configured stored devices after restoring the backup, and then add the new folder. You can also edit the old folder to point to the new location.

The important thing to avoid is leaving the old folders in place and adding new ones at the same time – in that case, Roon will assume you’re adding a 2nd copy of your files, since they were never set to be “missing”. In that case, your playlists contain the original set of files, but your library contains the 2nd set, which results in unavailable tracks in playlists.

My advice to you would be to restore the backup again, and make sure you follow the steps I described in the first paragraph of this post. Let us know how it goes!

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Much appreciated for the tips, @mike. That sounds much easier but I did started to delete and re-import my library to the NUC’s internal storage last night and the process’s still going on. Will see how it go tonight and report back.
I did think I might had found my problem during my re-imported effort last night. I found an extra backup folder of part of my library in my external drive which might had caused the duplicate problem. I’d removed that folder and hopefully it’ll take care of my issue. Thanks!