Transfering ripped files to ROCK/NUC

I see here that one can rip directly to ROCK/NUC by connecting the USB CDROM to the NUC. However, what I was wondering is whether one can do more advanced stuff. I want to rip to my MacBook and once the audio is ripped I want to transfer it to cloud storage as a backup option and also transfer the file to the SATA drive that’s inside the NUC. Similarly to what is explained here, but instead of transferring the files from MacBook to NAS, I want to transfer them to ROCK/NUC. Is that possible?

From the finder, select “Connect to Server” form the Go menu.
Enter the ROCK/NUC IP address, connect as Guest.
Open a file window, click the server, navigate to “Data”.

It’s all in the knowledge base.

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