Transfering Roon Core from a Windows PC to SonicTransporter?

I am going with a used sonictransporter i5 just bought on eBay.

How do I transfer the Roon Core currently on a Windows PC to sonictransporter? My music is in a NAS and will remain there. I have Tidal.

If I transfer the Core to the sonictransporter, would I lose all my tags, playlists and such?

Hi @thyname

Have a read of this RKB article FAQ: How do I move my Roon library to a new computer? it’s quite straight forward but if you need additional advice on something specific just get back to the board.

Once performed, your Roon library complete with edits, tags, playlist, … will all be intact.


The only thing that I am not very clear now is how can I restore the backup on the new core (sonictransporter) since it run headless.

Is it done through web based Sonicorbiter program that sonictransporter has, or through a controller like an iPad ?

I don’t have the sonictransporter yet (should arrive next week) but just making sure I know this stuff beforehand.

Hi again,

You control Roon via a Roon Remote, an iPad would be ideal.

Good idea to read up first, I hope you already have Roon backups … but if not that’s one aspect you can practise / setup before hand. These days I have Roon scheduled to take a backup, in the early hours, each night. Works like a charm.

You can restore the backup by connecting any Roon remote (PC/Mac, Tablet, Phone) to the new SonicTransporter core – the screen in the article @Carl linked to is the first one you’ll see.

Thanks guys.

Yes, I do the backups on Dropbox.

I have read the articles, and the sections linked on it.

Since the Roon Core is preinstalled on sonictransporter, I would skip that step, and point a controller (my iPad ) to the new Core on sonictransporter.

I currently have my music files on the PC current Roon Core is located. Once sonictransporter comes, that PC will no longer be in use for Roon, so I will have to change my watched forlder to the NAS I have that I have a copy of all my music library. I have a third backup of my music library on a USB drive as well.

I realize that the backup of Roon database (as discussed her and KB linked) is separate and nothing to do with my music files, but I am a bit confused how they will both be tied in together on the new Core on sonictransporter

After restoring the backup, make sure that you edit the storage path in Settings > Storage to reflect the new location. Do not remove and re-add the storage location.

And I can do this through the iPad correct?


1 - Select on iPad new Core (sonictransporter)

2 - Restore from backup prior to log in

3 - Change the watched folder to the NAS


If so, all this can be done through the Roon interface on my iPad (same iPad currently using with Roon)?

Yes, all correct. :slight_smile:

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Since you buying a used one I suggest you delete the whole Roon installation.
Even on my new SonicTransporter I did, as well as delete all files.
You can browse the directory from file manager in windows.

Delete, reboot, install Roon, upgrade, transfer backup.

On an iPad you probably need an paid app like the FileBrowser.

Can confirm that app works.

I also recommend a clean load of Roon Server for a user server. To do this go to -> apps -> software manager - > installed apps and select Roon Server. Click Delete. Then select available apps and install Roon Server.

This is the only way to get a completely clean Roon install.

Thanks! both @agillis and @R1200CL . And of course @RBM!

Will do so when I get it.

One think I don’t really understand:

I am only backing up the database. Wouldn’t everything go away once I point Roon Core to different hard drive than currently pointed to? I plan to no longer use the PC where my music files are currently sitting and Roon Core is pointed to, and use the NAS which has the same files.


See Rene’s reply

Just don’t select settings --> … --> library clean up until you are 100% happy.

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Can somebody help? can’t figure out how to add my NAS on sonicTransporter.

What is the exact path I enter? I have named my NAS as “P” drive, but it also shows as MyBookLive.

I can see it on my PC, but not on Roon. The actual path is something like P\My Shared Music \ Apple Lossless \ itunes Library but don’t know how to copy on Roon.



Somehow the path shows, but it says “drive not ready”

Never mind. I figured it out. By trial and error.

Hey @agillis : how do I know that the sonictransporter I bought is the i5 version? There are no markings and serial numbers on it. Thanks

If it looks like this it’s the i5

Yes it does. Thanks!