Transfering Roon to a new MacMini M1


My system is very simple just have Roon I guess CORE running with my ME 2 and Schiit Yggy DACs.

Will my ‘lifetime’ (whatever that means at 73) subscription just transfer over from my late 2012 MacMini i7 with all my playlists from TIDAL and Qobu, is it ‘complicated’ as with Audirvana (ie deauthorizing the old MacMini) and doing other esoteric stuff that I have no idea how to do.

Thanks bobbmd

It’s a rather straightforward process that involves making a backup of your current Core with Roon’s backup functionality and restore this on a freshly installed Roon on the new M1 Core. The old Core will be deauthorized automatically as you activate the new core. The process is outlined here:

One thing of note: do not use Apple Time Machine to move over Roon to the new machine, as it will break your database. Install a fresh copy of Roon instead and follow the guidelines for restoring the Roon backup.

@RBM thanks it is way too complicated for me for ROON and A+3.5. I am not going to invest in the new macmini, my old (like me) late 2012 i7 is just fine-I was worried it was going to poop out(like me) as it was running very warm with my upgrading to CATALINA from El Capitan and I could hear the fan for the first time. I will just bring it into my Apple authorized repair shop and the tech (who does all the computer repair for Colgate University) just clean out the fan and innards-he has reincarnated it 3x now the last being a 4TB Samsung SSD HD.I assume it runs warm/hot now because higher CPU usage-the only bad thing is I will never be able to upgrade OS beyond Catalina. thanks again bobbmd

Hi @bobbmd,

Just a friendly recommendation… upgrade or no upgrade pending… you should take regular backups of:

A. The Roon library
B. Your music files

If your Mac dies or the Roon library corrupts without a backup you will lose all you play history, play lists and metadata edits.

It’s not complicated… just take it one step at time.


That’s not been my experience. I’ve done it twice now, first from a 2010 Mac Mini to a 2012 and again from the 2012 to a 2014. After using the Time Machine Backup to set up the new machine, nothing further has been required. Nothing was “broken” in Roon or anything else. At some point I’m planning on using the same process to set up an M1 Mac Mini. If there’s a problem with that I can always set up things from scratch but I don’t think I’ll have to.

Roon Core (and to a lesser degree Remote) are moving targets with software like Time Machine: chances are that databases are changing while they are being backed up, leading to mismatches.

For cores, that’s a recipe for disaster – remotes are usually (but not always) fine (and easily fixed if things go awry), but unless Roon is shut down while Time Machine does its job, it is generally unadvisable.

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I just move everything include Roon core from Time Machine backup and everything works fine. New Mac Mini M1 is really beast machine!

Your explanation makes sense, I must have gotten lucky. The problem isn’t just with Time Machine then but any software backup. I assume when it’s time to move to a new machine I can just backup the old one with Roon closed and use that. Thanks for the heads up.

I’d like to second René’s post above — We strongly recommend against using other backup applications like Time Machine for Roon. You can use Time Machine for extra protection when storing Roon backups, but when you need to restore your database for any reason you’ll always want to use a Roon backup.

Of course this is a good advice. I have both, Time Machine and Roon own backup.

I just moved from one Mac Mini 2012 running Roon and iTunes to a new M1 Mac Mini running Roon and Apple Music. I use iTunes/Apple Music to organize files. It all went OK though was easier as I already had the iTunes database and music files on external drive.

During a similar move from nucleus to mac mini, I was asked to deauthorize the nucleus.

Nucleus is highly unreliable and crashes often(1-2 times/day) Mac works perfect… as a core.