Transferring between zones and dCS Bridge playing without output

Not sure if this issue is a Devialet, dCS or ROON issue but when toggling between audio zones (output), in my case between ROON ROCK/AIR ethernet out to Devialet and ROON ROCK ethernet out to dCS BRIDGE (AES out from bridge to Devialet, the dCS will show to be playing but there is no sound output. Is this rapid switching challenging the dCS, the Devialet or ROON ROCK?

There is a known issue with the Bridge firmware that can cause an issue like this with rapid transitions that create and destroy the Roon RAAT stream. This can include starting a track midway and immediately skipping back to the beginning, rapid sample rate changes (i.e. skipping through a queue or rapidly changing Roon DSP settings, or doing a rapid A/B comparison between two devices. This may or may not be the issue that you are experiencing.

I recommend setting the resync delay for the bridge (in Roon settings) to 1 or 1.5s if you’re going to be doing a lot of rapid switching. This may help alleviate the issue.

dCS has a number of fixes in place for Roon and these will ship with the next feature release (which is due soon).

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for your reply…should I forward this issue to support at dCS or will this be captured in their forthcoming release?
btw: was at 1500ms as per earlier comments in this thread.

This is a known issue.