Transferring core from Qnas to sonicTransporter

I recently transferred my core from a Qnas to a Sonore sonicTransporter, all went well with a big improvement in functionality and sound quality,
Now I’m having trouble transferring the database to the new sonicTransporter core, I’ve backed up from the Qnas core but having trouble pointing the new core back to the backup, I’ve found the pathway through finder but can’t seem to get there through “find backups” in sonicTransporter settings. Not sure what I need to do here, I don’t want to loose 4 years of edits, could someone point me in the right direction here.

Your share says you are in qnas/music, but your backups are in qnas/RoonServer.
Did you try to create a network share to qnas/Roonserver?

Thanks for your reply Scott. Not sure what I’m doing here but created a “new backup” on the sonic transporter, I’m not sure how to transfer the database to the new location.

now trying to do it via a USB drive.

I’m still struggling here to transfer the database to the sonic Transporter. From the Qnas I copied the backup to a USB(13.75Gb) I’ve now inserted it onto the back of the sonicTransporter but can’t find it when I look for it in the folder listings, it should be there so I can restore the backup, I wonder what I’m missing here.

If you are not going to make a shared drive to \QNAS.local\RoonServer (where your backups are located), why not try COPYING (don’t MOVE) the RoonBackups folder to \QNAS.local\Music? Browse over to it then.

BTW, you DO NOT want to keep your backup on the sonictransporter. If it gets fried your backup goes with it.

Thanks so much, that looks as iff it’s working, I understood it. Good advice regarding the backup, I’ll keep it on the NAS, I don’t want to loose 4 years of edits. Appreciate your help

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Thanks again Scott, all working well with 2 backups, one on the transporter and one on the Qnas…now to enjoy the music.

Glad to hear it John! Always happy to help.