Transferring Lifetime Membership to a Nucleus

I have a lifetime membership with Roon. I currently have my core on a Mac mini but am going to purchase the nucleus+ very soon. I would like to transfer my lifetime membership to the Nucleus without doing a restore with the current database. In other words, I want to start from scratch building my Nucleus library. Is there any problem with using my current credentials on the Nucleus without a restore of the existing database? Will doing so automatically deactivate the current core? Any information would be most appreciated.

The license can be transferred as often as you wish and is not tied to the database as such. Just select your new Nucleus core on startup of a remote and it is done. No database is restored or transferred unless you manually do so.
This is routinely done by several members that maintain a second copy of Roon at the office alongside their main one at home.

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Yes, I do the same with a second copy of Roon that I use for test purposes, switching from one server/library to the other works very well.
Be aware that if you have Tidal tracks in your library, they will be integrated automatically in the other library.

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This sounds like the equivalent of installation on as many devices as you want as long as only one plays at a time, or am I misunderstanding?

Yes in that your license can only be used by one core playing at any one time.
A few users have two licences I believe, to use Roon in two locations at the same time on separate cores.