Transferring music files to a SSD in a Nucleus+

I’m currently using an external hard drive attached to a MacBook with an iTunes library plus a folder with FLAC and Wav albums. I’m planning to set up a Nucleus + with an internal SSD. What’s the best practice for file organisation since I’ll be ditching Itunes and using Roon with the Nucleus? Should I just keep the iTunes music, and podcasts and combine the High-resolution music files, or keep 3 separate folders? Thanks for any help with this.

For the most part, Roon doesn’t care about how your folders are organized. The only possible advantage to adding them as three different watched folders would be to add tags. For example, if you wanted to tag all your podcasts you could just use Focus to look at the podcast storage location, and only the podcasts would show up.
There may not be an advantage to doing this for High Resolution music because you can choose music by resolution in Focus.