Transferring music to a new SSD

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Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev A

Description of Issue

Roon Nucleus Plus Rev A
Melco Network Switch
dCS Network Bridge
Chord Dave and M Scaler
(connected through Audioquest ethernet cables; network supported by ATT 2GB fiber service)

I have just replaced the Samsung 860 4TB SSD from my Roon Nucleus with a Samsung 870 8TB SSD in order to accommodate more music files. The new disk has been initialized with Roon OS v.1.0 (build 259) and is running Roon Server software v.2.0 (build 1303). I began attempting to transfer the existing archive of 55K+ music files from the 4TB to the 8TB disk through my home network only to discover that this would take around 50 days to complete according to my late-2015 iMac. I have looked at the various online Roon sources for data transfer in order to overcome the ‘view only’ situation that seems to prevail with the 4TB SSD connected to the Nucleus via a USB enclosure. However, if I try to connect the same enclosure to the iMac or a Mac laptop running the Roon remote app (via Monterey, Big Sur, or Catalina) none of them can identify the SSD without initializing it for Mac OS and thus erasing its contents. Given the size of my music library, is there not a more rapid transfer method that could be implemented with the assistance of something akin to Carbon Copy Cloner?

With thanks for your advice in this matter.

Dr David Street

RAM & Internal Storage

4TB looking to transfer to 8TB

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