Transferring NAS library to Tidal

I have a large library on a NAS which has been added to Roon. I have recently started using Tidal and have added this to Roon. Is there any way to use Roon to assist in adding my NAS albums to the tidal library?

Hi Leslie,

I understand you are asking if you can access your local files through the Tidal app ? If that is right then it can’t be done so far as I know.

No not use my local files just add them to my favourites in Tidal in the same way that I can favourite any new music I find in Roon which will then appear in my Tidal favourites.

Not yet, but we may do something in the future.

For now, any album that has a match to TIDAL will show a link under the Other Versions button:

Once you navigate to the TIDAL version, you can click Add To Library, and you’re good to go!

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Thanks. That’s a lot quicker than manually finding each album on Tidal and then favouriting it.

Right. Automating this sounds like an awesome idea. Although I would not like the duplicates, just favorite them on TIDAL.

+1 - it’d be great to be able to add the Roon library to Tidal favourites, to make the library available to stream away from home!