Transferring playlist and music from old Roon Nucleus to newly purchased Titan (ref#V65IA2)

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Just purchased a Titan and want to move my playlist and saved music from my old Roon Nucleus to the new Titan

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Nothing more to add here.

That should be in your library , there is a Migration Guide, that should help transferring a database between devices

Nope, you cant or I haven’t been able to, “migrate” because you cant have the old Nucleus and the new one running at the same time… any other suggestions?

OK, thanks for the info…now the next thing…Roon runs fine on my computer but now it wont connect to my Ipad or phone…ARC wont connect either…any thoughts on this one?

I figured this one out! Had to re-authorize the Titan…now working on ARC…


Figured everything out, no thanks to Roon….thanks for the help everyone else!

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