Transferring roon to another computer

The computer that I was using as a Roon Core died. What steps do I have to do to install Roon on its replacement?

Something like this:

  1. backup Roon….
  2. install Roon on new computer, and restore the backup
  3. copy music files to new drive location (depending on setup)
  4. edit music location, and wait for library scan to update file paths
  5. backup Roon

The kb is here:
It says move the music first, but thats hard to do with Rock.

Thanks for the info.
My issue is that my core, my laptop is dead, mort, kaput!

Dead? Deceased? No more?


Then you have a “new install”, using the backups you made earlier :wink:
If you’ve no backup, Roon will re-create the database from scratch.