Transition to Innuos ZenMini

I am currently running Roon Core on a 2015 iMac streaming to an Auralic Aries Mini. My NAS is connected to the network and is connected via my router.

I will be replacing the Aries Mini with an Innuos ZenMini and will run Roon Core on that new device. I will no longer be streaming from my NAS as I will rip my CDs to the ZenMini. I want to start fresh with the ZenMini. Therefore, I will not use a backup of the Roon Core from my iMac as a basis for the new Roon Core.

I still want to be able to stream music to my iMac/desktop. What changes do I need to make to Roon on my iMac in order to stop using as Roon Core yet still be able to use as a player?

Thanks in advance.


I found the solution for this. I just need to stop Roon on my iMac, delete the Database folder and then restart Roon. It will no longer be set as a Roon Core.