Transitioning from headless Roon 1.0 to headless Roon 1.1

I’m excited about the 1.1 upgrade and am eagerly awaiting the iOS app release. I’ve been running Roon 1.0 Server on a headless MacMini which I control from other Macs on my LAN using the native Mac Screen Share interface. The headless Mac is my primary endpoint. I’ve upgraded Server and Clients to 1.1 and everything is working okay. I’m trying to understand the setup protocols for the new headless version. In short, is there any benefit to switching to the newer, thinner Roon Server version without OpenGL? Let me repeat: I want to play music from the computer that is running Roon Server headlessly, where my library is stored. It’s not clear to me that I can still do that if I transition to the 1.1 headless server.

Thanks in advance.

You can do that. It is much faster in headless mode.

I have the same setup and switched my Mini to Roon Server. Roon Server works very well and it is nice not having to worry about keeping the Roon App running. I don’t notice a performance difference, but it is a newer Mini and I’m using a Headless Adapter that keeps the GPU active (without a display attached, it renders the remote desktop in software on the CPU and ignores the GPU), so system resources are plentiful.