Translate and Suggestion

Hello Roon-Team,
(i had already contacted the Roon support on the Roon homepage a few weeks ago …)

thanks for the new update 1.8 (build 764)

Great new look and also the new FOCUS function is excellent.

I’ve been a Roon user since December last year and use the software with Nucleus as the core, every day!

I am very impressed and enthusiastic about the performance (setting options and above all the sound !!) … really excellent.

Qobuz and Tidal are also integrated, that’s great.

With the change to 1.8, unfortunately, when the application was started, the quote of a musician was dropped :frowning: … that should have stayed …

One question is still dear to my heart:

Is it possible that you will be able to incorporate a translation option in the next major update?

Would be really perfect, because they have great biographies and you could have that translated!

For example, using Google Translate would be a possibility. It would be helpful if the texts could be transferred to a translation program using copy and paste.

Unfortunately, Roon won’t allow that. Couldn’t you include that in the next update?

Then Roon would be perfect for me😉

Enclosed is a suggestion for improvement.

Thank you very much for your feedback and best regards from Mainz (Germany).


Suggestion for improvement:

I work a lot with the album editor and the title editor.

If you combine the two functions in one menu, you can edit the album more easily and quickly.

….see Screenshots

Just an FYI, the biographies come from If you look up the artist on Allmusic you can use Google translate there. Short term fix.

Continuing the discussion from Translate and Suggestion:

Hi David,
tested it, works :grinning:
Thanks for the workaround.

It is intended to be integrated into roon?