Translating the Music Database

Hi there,

I don´t know if this is the right place to post my issue which is more a question or a proposal. Sorry if I am wrong here or missed something.

I really like your approach to make the (ever growing) community participate in translating Roon.
However as far as I can see only roon itself has been translated not the comprehensive database of material on music.

With that legions of motivated members behind you, wouldn´t it be great to make roon even more international by translating the music database?

I´d be happy to contribute some German bits.



I assume that you mean reviews in particular.
As for reviews, there have already been some feature requests to be able to edit them yourself. By the way, I think this is a better idea than translating the existing ones, which is of course also problematic for copyright reasons, as well as other data provided by Roon.

Your idea itself I find good, but I think that this would mean an unmanageable mountain of work.

In the AI age there would certainly be the possibility to automate this process. What comes out of it, however, is something else again.

Hey @Andreas_Buchloh,

Thanks so much for sharing what would make Roon even better for you, and not just you. As @florib has mentioned, what you’re describing is a feature request:

There are a few others you can find here.