Translation tool very slow [resolved]

The translation tool is very slow - it takes 10-15 seconds each time for the next translation to load. At this rate, just clicking through the labels would take 10 hours of waiting time. Could this be improved? I’d be happy to help out with the translations but this is unnerving.


Yep, @mike acknowledged this in the French translation thread. One workaround suggested by @rv_kova is to open ´all translation’ then ’open in new tab’ several items. Then jump from one tab to the other while the one you just edited saves for 15-20 seconds.


Had some time today but translation site is soooooo slow I’m not going to bother.
@support it was working quite well a few days ago.

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Yep, some pages take more than a minute te load…

We (the French translation team) reported to Mike and Danny, it seems to be sorted now, can you confirm on your side ?

Yes it’s running fine again!

Bon soir!

@alec_eiffel is right. You should try now. I just pushed out an update to some of my complicated queries that speed them up considerably.

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