Transplant ssd into identical new rock nuc?

I’m transferring roon rock from one nuc to another. Both the new and the old nuc are totally identical gen7 i5 units. My question is, can I take the ssd and ram out of the old one and transplant it into the new nuc and have roon rock continue as before without having to rebuild the roon rock os.
I’ll obviously make sure the bios is set the same settings.
I’m hoping that the rock os will continue without realising the change to the mobo.

Should be fine,
Make sure you have a backup of the Roon Core database, just in case you have to overwrite the SSD with a fresh ROCK image, but I would say you are 99% good to swap.

Have upgraded full server motherboards with additional CPUs and increased RAM, and just swapped disks over and the existing Linux OS and applications just come back up.

I can second what’s been said. With identical HW, swapping ram and ssd should be a piece of cake - roon should start up and work no problems at all.
Just remember you may have to tweak some of the bios settings in the new nuc. Other posts on the forum will outline the specific settings required :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies. I’m familiar with the BIOS settings as I’ve set up a few Roon Rocks to date :wink: