Transport: Couldn't connect to HQ player [Resolved]

I think this started when i updated to 1.3 but i didn’t notice until today.
When i try to play through my pc it says Transport:Couldn’t connect to HQ player.
Not even sure what this means. My pc is not the core- i am running roon server on a qnap.
my computer still shows it is named localhost. any idea how to fix this?

Roon does play when I select my Meridian endpoint

Local host is used when Roon and HQPlayer are on the same machine. Other wise it needs to be the IP or name of the machine HQPlayer is running on I think.

Hi Peter,
could you provide a screenshot of your audio settings in Roon. It sounds, like there is hqplayer enabled which is not existent in your setup.

Please also check (and/or provide a screenshot) of the “About” screen (you get there by clicking the “About” link in the upper right of settings windows). You should see a list of your core and other Roon devices (Roon devices are not identical to audio endpoints).

I installed Roon on my PC running Windows 7 two weeks ago, I also have a QNAP running Roon Server. Plus Meridian Control:10. The Control:10 works fine but after about a week of using Roon - during which time there were updates for both Roon and the QNAP - I can no longer play Roon on my PC. I keep getting the message “Transport:couldn’t connect to HQ player” … What is HQ player?

I also tried using my PC’s IP address - this did not help either. Any idea how to fix this?

It sounds like you are playing to an HQPlayer zone. Can you confirm what zone you’re playing to, as described here?

Can you post a screenshot of the Audio tab of Settings?

just like i indicated . my pc will not play. in fact the transport buttons are grayed out when i try as well as getting the message on the screen

Try this link it shows the problem.

Hey @Peter_Sherman – like I said, it appears you’ve configured an HQPlayer zone.

You can see that the zone called My New PC is an HQPlayer zone:

You’re selecting to play to that zone here, as you can see from the HQPlayer logo:

So, based on this:

I think you’re just configured wrong here – it sounds like you’re not planning to use HQPlayer at all? If that’s correct, can you start by removing the HQPlayer zone from the Audio tab of Settings?

Once that’s gone, the next step will be to set up the correct audio device. You can learn more about that here, or you can just let us know the details of your setup, ok? Thanks!

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If this is happening on both my PC’s either I am doing something in Settings on both machines incorrectly or could it be something in Roon server? But to have two different PC’s with the same issue???

Hi @Peter_Sherman,
You are doing something incorrectly.
When you clicked “add network device” --> HQPlayer … (and named it “my new pc”) this configured Roon to use HQPlayer as a network zone. Thus Roon is now attempting to communicated with the HQPlayer software that you don’t have installed.

As @mike stated … you need to removed this “my new pc” zone from Roon and start a fresh.

Your Meridian end point (which one is that btw?) should be automatically detected and display as an audio device by Roon, there is no need to attempt to add it.

If it is not detected then there is another issue, possible related to your router … so re-booting that might help.

Also try power cycling the Meridian end point… that might help Roon discover it.

I have a Meriden 861 which looks like this in Roon (I did not have to add it, only enable it):

Hope this helps to get you up and running.

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