Transport : Device in Use

After recent Windows Update, Roon no longer worked. for a while a tune would load and then play for only 3 seconds before advancing to the next track only to fail again.
Now I’m getting the message “Transport : Device in Use.” I uninstalled Roon and reinstalled. that didn’t help. I went to computor apps and turned off all background apps not desired, that didn’t help. I am not a computer guy in the least. All I want is effortless Roon utility and access to the equalizer, which I love! and what is up with the annoying " Discobot" that has a long stream of requests? @support. Definitively need my hand held sorry to say.

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Hey @Daniel_Pailas – this sounds like a driver issue, or possibly a firewall problem.

Can you confirm what audio devices you’re using, and whether any new drivers were installed recently? This really sounds like Windows installed the new driver, which has been problematic for some people lately.

If you let us know what devices you’re using, we can recommend a different driver for you.

so sorry for delay in reply and thank you for yours!. I spent the last 5 days in bed with a horrific stomach virus. Anyways, the audio device which is enabled is hiFace2 UAC2. I just installed an update from Roon Fyi.
Sometimes, audio through Roon starts but plays for only 3 seconds before stopping. the an error message appears stating " Roon; An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem. " It then progresses to the next item on the playlist and does the same thing; 3 seconds of music before turning off. I did a speed check of my century link service , which was recently improved to add speed and it’s downloading at 17.8 mbps.
I look forward to your reply. regards