Transport errors playing MQA to Roon group[Answered]

I’m seeing errors playing Tidal MQA albums to grouped Roon endpoints.

I can play to my DCS Network Bridge, and optionally group in my iPad.
I can play to my 2 Allo Boss units in the dining room and kitchen, together.

But when I try to group the dcs with the boss’s, I get consistent transport errors:

Transport: Playback has failed due to unexpected error communicating with audio device.
Transport: Too many failures. Stopping playback.

This is consistent across a bunch of MQA albums. (Normal CD-quality FLAC’s work fine.)

If i try to add my iPad to the Allo Boss devices, the music quietly stalls without playing. So this also fails, but differently.

These are all Roon endpoints:

  • Allo Boss (Roon on RPi/DietPi)
  • iPad
  • DCS Network Bridge

Is this a known problem with MQA playback?


edit- i should add: these failures are immediate; no music is played.

Hey @jimmyb,

Thanks for the report and apologies for inconveniences. Yes, there is a known problem related to playback of an MQA content to the grouped zone. We are working on a fix at the moment.