Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device

I’m getting the following error when trying to play my music through my sonos set up.

Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device

I have a sonos playbar connected to a sub and two PLAY 3 speakers. If I skip 3 or 4 tracks I get this error message and the only solution appears to be to unplug SONOS and restart.

The error message also occurs if I change the volume levelling settings of the speaker within Roon.

Roon is on my QNAP 453 PRO, the ROON controller is on my MacBook Pro.

I am evaluating this software on the 14 day trial. I do really want to like it but this issue makes it impossible at the moment. Can you please advise?


Hi @Richard_Williamson1 ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, by chance are any of your Sonos endpoints near your router? The reason I ask is because we had another user report/experience a similar issue and when they moved the Sonos endpoint that was closest to their router further away, things stabilized.

Furthermore, they also mentioned the following in regard to how Sonos recommend configuring their devices (taken from the manual):

If you have a Sonos product wired into your WiFi router, separate the two devices as far as the Ethernet cable between them allows; 1 ft. (30cm) or more is ideal. Also make sure your Sonos system and router are operating on different wireless channels.


Thanks for that.

The Sonos endpoint is a reasonable distance from the router, however I will see if I can move it any further. Note that I have had the sonos system working perfectly for 2 years in its current position.

I had Roon playing music through the sonos system last night for over 2 hours with no error message. I didn’t skip tracks though or change any volume levelling settings. Also I turned off crossfading.

I shall run a few more tests today and report back.

Hi @Richard_Williamson1 ---- Thank you for touching base with me, very appreciated!

Moving forward, please due let me know how the testing goes, and if the behavior still happens to continue. May I very kindly ask you to please reproduce the issue and note the time when the observation is made.

Once I have an idea of when the error occurred I will enable diagnostics on your account. This action will automatically generate/upload a diagnostics report containing a set of your logs to our servers so we can have a closer look into what could be causing this behavior.


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