Trapped At Home Can Lead To A Possible Baby Boom or Audio Gear Boom?

In this article - Who’s Getting Busy? Coronavirus Might Cause a Huge Baby Boom Dr. Michael Cackovic, a maternal-fetal medicine physician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center suggests

“There are certainly tons of anecdotal reports of increased fertility after events forcing people to stay at home.”

I suggest that it could also apply to new audio gear. I am personally waiting on a pair of KEF LS50’s to audition. I think I never would have not pulled the trigger so quickly had it not been for some recent and future extended time at home.

What buying have you done in the last week or so?

The average Brit has bought 240 rolls of toilet paper, 10kg of plain flour, 25kg of pasta and 100 bottles of hand sanitiser! :laughing:

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Don’t know why we’d need 240 rolls if we’ve also bought the flour and pasta as were unlikely ever to need the loo again!

I have wisely spent the money on a pair of Dali Rubicon 2.

Admittedly the wife might find a use for the sanitiser after disposing of my body once she’s found out much I spent :-0

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Something about 3 score year and ten is too close

I’ll celebrate with a new system in December :mask:

Probably have to replace my headphones they will be worn out …

And all the babies born to due coronavirus will be known as coronials :laughing:

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