Travel Buddy Mode

I love the interface of Roon, especially compared to Tidal and I love how it deals with my equipment but I wish I could use it at work where all I have is a headphone amp.

Would it be possible to implement a feature that would allow you to dedicate another device that isn’t your system’s core as a Travel Buddy (not completely committed to that name…) that you can take on the go and will only deal with streaming services such as Tidal or Qobuz?

Essentially, you wouldn’t have access to your local files store at home, but you could still use Roon’s wonderful GUI with the likes of Tidal. While I realize the simple answer is to use Tidal’s dedicated app when away from home, but I prefer Roon’s interface much more.


+100, yes, yes

For the simple reason that in my 10 day trial time so far with Roon, it does a better job with its Roon Radio tidal integration at discovering new music and really giving me a radio experience tailored to me than years of tidal have.

Any way to implement this would be great An “offline” core that still understands your musical preferences f or tidal.


All you have to do is just sign Into your mobile
Rig with your roon account. It’s a 30 second task to transfer your roon account to another device. Then when home you just switch back.

In all this corona nonsense because I have no real home at the moment, I run roon on about three cores and I just switch between them depending where I am.

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I realize that is a totally viable way of doing this, I think it would be nice to have a polished way for this to work instead of having to switch back and forth.
Also, if they made a Travel Mode, it would be slick if it reduced the amount of background processing (since their are no local files to deal with) so it doesn’t drain batteries as much.