Traveling with Roon Server. Roon takes some time to find my music again

In my portable setup (e.g. without Internet) I see that Roon uses quite some time to find all my albums on my NAS that exists in the local NAS music library.
I wonder if a smart move would be to turn the background processing temporarily off so it won’t be confused and attempt to re-scan everything at my friend’s house or at my cabin in the mountains.
Any strong ‘views’ on this?

Sorry for the late reply.
What do you mean by “portable setup”?
Is there another Roon Server involved at your friends house?

Sorry for my late reply (holiday).

I don’t think this is related to your NAS implementation of Roon core, so maybe it should be posted elsewhere in this community.

My portable setup includes my NAS, so my point was that when I hook up my portable setup it appears like Roon needs some time to rebuild my library which to me seems odd since nothing has changed in my NAS library since I disconnected my NAS at my home (stationary setup).

The only change really, was that there was no Internet available. I didn’t think that matters.