Treatment of Orchestra Tags

I hadn’t realised this was being worked on but I got a request for some example data so I assume it is.

My experience is that there are dependencies with search and equivalents logic that need to be taken into account. So for example I have two roon’s with non-matching import settings. So I can see that “prefer roon” often leads to exact spelling duplicates whilst “merge file and roon” often leads to equivelents duplicates (with non-matching spelling).

Deleting primary artist or performing orchestra tags to remove duplicates also has the effect of confusing the rather confusing search logic in that a search will now mix up albums in “main album” and “appears with” catgeories. So I not sure that addressing this issue at source has entirely benign consequences. The reason why all the hair-splitting tags from the meta-data suppliers evolved this way probably was to cater for these sorts of dependencies and maybe there is a case for treating it as a display logic issue. I really don’t know but I am sure no one wants to make things worse because of unintended dependencies.