Trial Cancelled

I started a Trial of Roon (and Tidal as well).
Really enjoying it, but cancelled on the day that I started the trial so that I wouldn’t forget after the 14 days.
Now won’t let me sign into the software as I have cancelled my account- I thought you would get 14 days to try regardless (like all streaming services).
Can someone renable my account so I can really try out for the full 14 days instead of 6 hours!!
I may end up buying you know!!

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Hi @Nicholas_Artless@kevin will be in touch to get this worked out for you. Stand by!

Great, looking forward to getting this resolved

Hi @Nicholas_Artless ,

I saw your contact email as well, and just fixed this up for you. I reopened your free trial and set it to expire May 2. We will send you an email automatically 3 days before the trial ends reminding you that you will be charged, but if you miss the deadline, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll issue a refund. Thanks!

Many Thanks Kevin

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