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I installed ROON CORE on NUC 8I5BEH and connected my tablet. System stopped working, ROON CORE IP address changed. What to do?

You will have to provide more details of your system before anyone can help, network, end points etc

I installed ROON CORE on NUC 8I5BEH and connected my tablet Samsung A7. he next day I decided to continue tuning. But the android tablet could not connect ROON CORE In the KEENETIC Speedster router I saw that the dynamic IP address on the NUC changed to another. The MAC address is the same on NUC and tablet. How to get IP back?

attach a keyboard on your nuc
When Roon Rock started up type: [enter] resetnetwork [enter]

Should not matter what the ip address of the Roon core is if using DHCP and all things are on the same network. IP addresses are controlled by the Router not Roon. Remote should discover the core via multicast not by IP address. If it’s not then your router is likely not handling multicast correctly. It does seem though they Android devices seem to have a lot of issues with multicast and Roon when on Linux OS such as ROCK. When I had a Samsung phone it did not discover all the time. Swapped it and my router and never had an issue since.

Connect a monitor and start the core. The new IP should be displayed on the screen if ROCK is working as it should.

On your remote it should discover every Core on your network. When you first installed you selected a Core. If your remote is now unable to find that Core you’ll get an error. If the IP changed, and your remote isn’t following that change, there should be an option on the remote to select a different core. Use that option and it will scan the network. Select your core again. You should be good at that point.

If not, please provide screenshots of your remote so we know exactly what is going on.

Or when the Android device times out you will get a screen like below, click on the circled help button and when the screen with an address field shows type in.

Thanks to everyone who responded and helped. Your advice helped me a lot. Now I will set up the end point