Trialling Roon - how to optimise SQ

The kind people at Roon have allowed me an extra month’s trial as I have recently acquired a Linn Majik DSM. Roon Core operates from my iMac ,which is not ideal I know but it works for the trialling purposes. The Mac is hardwired to a router → NAS drive → DSM. The signal path is usually shown simply as Majik DSM → Source Flac 44.1 KHz i6 bit 2Ch → Linn Streaming. What I would like to know is how best to optimise the SQ using the Roon settings and / or any Linn settings. If anyone else use a Linn streamer perhaps they could give me some tips - thanks.

Hi - personally I’d set Linn’s Space Optimisation up and leave Roon’s DSP untouched.



Same for me, once space opt. is fine you do not need any dsp. However, it is good to have the DSP, I use it with my AH-9200 Denon cans.


Agreed. You cant really better Linn‘s sound if the space optimization is well executed. I only use Roon DSP for headphone listening.