Trick for Checking Tracks

I checked to see if someone had mentioned this before and couldn’t find it mentioned, so apologies if it has been brought up before.

Some folks have noticed that Roon doesn’t import all the tracks they show in an iTunes or other library. That topic is covered in the Roon KB, i.e. why and how to get them to import.

But how do you find them in the first place other than just notice they are missing when you’re playing something?

Albums=>Focus=>Inspector=>Contiguous Tracks, then click the + sign to make it a - sign. What will then show is all the albums where the tracks are not contiguous.

Saved me a lot of time.


Nice! I haven’t seen this idea before. Thank you

Fantastically useful tip - thanks for sharing. This has shown up a dozen albums where track names on my NAS had somehow gotten scrambled. This seems like a great way of doing some additional housekeeping with almost zero effort.