Tried Audirvana again Studio and own ver 3.5. Roon for the win!

So I decided to fire up my Audirvana which I also own, the 3.5 version before they moved to the Studio version and I must say Roon is superior. The overall experience using Roon is hands down a better musical and user experience. With that said though. Audirvana and they’re upsampling and Sox settings and filter customization did indeed sound excellent. Just not enough to sell me back over. Kudos to the folks over at Roon for an amazing product.


These are extremely shocking news.

I gave AS a run as I too was a 3.5 owner and got the intro deal. I just couldn’t get on with it . I like to keep abreast of any new stuff.

It didn’t connect to my Cambridge Audio CXN (1) until 30 days into the trial without upsampling everything to 192, which the CXN Does internally.

The UI is a mess , there seems no way to set up “views” eg to split Classical from Rock

NO Multi-Zone , big downer , you can only run one zone at a time

No remote play on Control Device (iPad) eg to Bluetooth for patio.

I still ran (and will run 6 years approaching !!) Roon as my primary system. If I want DLNA I have JRiver installed for video so I can configure anything I want to run to the CXN.

Conclusion Audirvana tried to take of Roon’s integrated look and failed miserably.

My sub lapsed last week , I will not renew it


I pretty much agree with all your observations. The user interface at least on 3.5 leaves much to be desired. Its sluggish as well comparatively speaking however I am running Roon Rock on a nuc whos only running Roon OS but was still very fast on my Macbook pro 16gb

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