Tried to fins info, but ... new NAS, saved new location in Roon, but playlist NAS tracks do not update

Pretty much as the headline says, is there a way to force Roon to look up tracks that has been previously added to playlist, but now does not play. It says the right track, but also inform track is not available.

I have replaced my NAS, I added this new location in the Roon settings. Somehow, Roon cannot pick-up the track even after a re-scan of the NAS. Yes, I have checked that the album and tracks really made through the migration process from old to new NAS.

While you guys think and perhaps can help, I will add the NAS to the library once again, to make Roon make a re-scan. Fingers crossed …

Anyone? Please? :slight_smile:

Made the rescan, but no luck. Better luck tomorrow. Getting to ■■■■■■ off to be safe to continue my crusade … :slight_smile:

I recently had something similar happen after moving my media library to a NAS. The Roon database would not recognize the fact that the files were in a new location. It also meant that all my playlists were “broken” since they couldn’t find the media either. I don’t know if this matches your situation, but this support article helped:

Thanks for your rely and kind attention. I did exactly that. Did not even rename the subfolders, just same subfolders under a different root. Would not update tracks.
Again, thank you for hinting me. :slight_smile: