Tried to make a change and then go back..won't connect

So, set up a Roon core on a laptop, which was working, then got a NUC11TNHi7 to use ROCK. Originally just told the app to deactivate the core on the laptop to set up the NUC, and the new core was working fine. Then decided I wanted my tags to migrate over, so I tried to copy my backup from my laptop to one of the storage folders on the ROCK and then went into the app to restore the backup. When I did that, the core wouldn’t connect. My ROCK still shows up on the Roon OS devices on network, but it either doesn’t show up in the core screen or says connecting and stays with the red dot.

Tried to start over (booted up the NUC, hit f10, ran my ROCK setup usb stick as a new install), and same thing. Tried going into the ip of the ROCK and reset database and settings, reboot the device then the router, reinstall the operating system, nothing is getting it to connect as a core.

The screen shot is from a phone, correct?
Did you try form the laptop?
What “storage folder” did you mess with? It’s not really a good idea to mess with most of the folders on ROCK.

Can you show us a screen shot of the WebUI for the Rock/NUC?
Also, can you fill out the list of items for a support ticket?

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Well third time doing a fresh install onto the nuc and it’s connecting. Will remake my tags from start and be more careful about future backup restores. Thank you

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